The Awesomeness Of Keith Kenniff


Hello! Here’s another “The Awesomeness Of..” post. So I guess it’s a series now. Lately, I was pondering about what to post on my blog and I thought that I could only make myself sit down and write about something that I really love. And that is Keith Kenniff and his marvelous music.

I discovered his music on SoundCloud (I believe) during an endless search of background music I could use for my videos. When I first heard a track from his playlist/album called, ‘Helios’ I instantly drifted into dreamland and I felt like I was in a movie and that’s probably because he compose music specifically for movies, commercials, etc. I grew quite a liking to his songs and found myself using most of his music for my videos.

It was really a great find for me since I’ve been looking for high quality music for movies. Keith’s composed scores are the ones that you would hear in some dramatic scene in a film or it can also be in some uplifting jingle in an advert. Keith’s music can also inspire you to write a story or make a film. This kind of music is perfect when you’re doing your homework, on a road trip, or even if you’re on top of a mountain.

To give you an insight of Keith Kenniff’s music also known as Unseen Music, I have gathered a list of my favorite songs from him.

  1. Portraits Pt. 2 (first song I heard from Keith)
  2. Home Again
  3. Ten Thousand Places
  4. To Be
  5. Unravelled
  6. Acres All Above
  7. All I Needed
  8. Years (From Facebook’s “A Look Back”)
  9. Map
  10. Postcards

Keith Kenniff’s SoundCloud

Potts Point

Foodie post alert that includes rants about food (duh) and a restaurant. If you’re perfectly fine about that, let’s move on.

A few months ago, my sister informed me about a resto that will soon open in Eastwood. She then told me that her friend owns it and that little information made me all curious and excited and also made me want to visit the place.

This afternoon, I managed to fight the gloomy weather (not really) and visit a new cafe in Eastwoon called, Potts Point. Potts Point is a Sydney-inspired organic restaurant and cafe. The name itself sounds fancy to me so I along with my mom and sister sat down to try some of their meals.

We had Roasted Eggplant, Cherry Tomatoes, and Goat Cheese with Creamy Organic Tomato Sauce Linguine. Mmm, sounds delicious. Along with Vietnamese-Style Organic Slow Roast Pork Belly with Nuoc Cham and Pineapple fried rice. I don’t know about you, but long meal names are always a good idea. I specifically loved the pork belly with pineapple rice, worth the try! 

If you’re an artist of some sorts, you would love the place and the ambience. You would see artistic designs everywhere you look so that was a plus for me! The cafe generally looked elegant.

Till next time again, Potts Point!

Writing a Book

Hello there lovely people! Recently, I was greatly inspired by a wonderful story from someone I know that I had to write it. It was quite a surprising move for me to decide I was going to write my own book then and there but the idea of writing one has always intrigued me.

It took me some weeks to finally wrap around the plot for the story and I tell you, it is sooo exciting! With the help of some friends, of course. I am currently in the process of writing it and I guess I’m in the ‘zone’ as others would say and I don’t plan on getting out of that zone.

It’s a love story of some sorts and it’s partly based on a true story which sounds awesome to me. I cannot wait to share it all with you and for the future plans of it (like launching its own website shhh pretend I didn’t spill that little detail)

If you’re a writer, amateur or skilled, feel free to leave some tips & advices cause it will be a big help for me. :)

Hole in the Wall

A few days ago, me and my sisters went out for lunch at the mall and we found something that is worth-sharing. We accidentally stumbled upon an unfinished construction called, Hole in the Wall out of curiosity. Turns out, it was a perfect spot for a photo shoot. It’s a food court that will soon open in Century City Mall. The place looked like an art studio because of its artistic designs that you wouldn’t think it’s a place for food.

The Awesomeness of VSCO


Hello there lovely people. Let’s talk about a certain app called, VSCO. I love this app and I am going to emphasize on how it helps me with my photography and how the app is generally, awesome.

This lack of activity leads me to a bunch of random things to write about as you may have noticed. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I love spontaneity!

Which brings me to the spontaneity of VSCO Cam. This app is like instagram, others say. But I feel like it’s a much more artistic version of it. In it you will find a ‘grid’ which is like your feed on instagram and you can browse for other photographers from around the world.

And then there are the filters, those famous faded, vintage filters that some are probably wondering to know what app it is from, well folks, it’s from VSCO. I discovered VSCO through a friend of mine and the first time I got it, I decided to completely change my feed. Basically, I stopped using instagram filters and used the ones from VSCO instead.

If you’re a photographer, blogger, or even a filmmaker you would definitely love the app. I would describe it as modern and vintage all together.

It has also helped me with my knowledge of photography and enhanced my view of it. I definitely recommend it to aspiring photographers like me out there.


My VSCO Grid